As a member, you are an owner.  We make ownership easy.  Throughout life’s journey, our credit union will help you achieve your financial goals.  We’ll be there, if you need financial counseling, assistance with online banking, or help choosing the right loan to meet your borrowing needs.  Our team of financial counselors is available to assist.  Become a member or contact us today and find out how you can begin accessing the benefits of our credit union.  Let our team of financial experts help you achieve your financial goals.

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Mission Statement

St. Thomas Federal Credit Union is a member-owned and operated non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide financial and related services of a superior quality for the benefit of the members, with our main concern being their financial and personal well- being; to maintain the philosophy of the members helping members by mobilizing their resources; and to strive to remain financially sound and secure.

Field of Membership


If your employer is listed in our field of membership, you're a household member, or an immediate family member, you might be eligible to join STTFCU.

Not only will you benefit from low loan rates, services that provide 24/7 convenience, and quality products for your needs in all of life's stages, you'll get so much more when you're a member of St. Thomas FCU.

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From Rags to Riches

St. Thomas Federal Credit Union was chartered on July 17, 1952, under Public Law 467,73d Congress 1st session.

The Credit Union was originally chartered as a Community Credit Union, but in the early 1960's, it experienced a very high delinquency status, and was converted to a Selected Group Charter.

In 1963, Allen A. Canton joined the Credit Union, and in 1965 became the President. It was under his leadership that the Credit Union was changed to a Selected Group Charter. He served as President for 45+ years.

During the difficult years of growth, the Credit Union was faced with a major disaster and setback. In June of 1973, the offices located in Drakes Passage was destroyed by fire. It took long hours, days, weeks and months to reconstruct the records of the Credit Union.

During it's development stages, the St. Thomas Federal Credit Union had many homes to include the following:

Drakes Passage

2nd Floor of Kentucky Fried Chicken (Waterfront)

Third Floor of People's Bank Building

Christian Building at Market Square

We are currently located in our own facilities at 5027 Norre Gade, currently known as the Allen A. Canton Building.

The Credit Union is owned and operated by its members. It is our members' responsibility to preserve and protect its future. We encourage our members to motivate others to envision the dreams that their ancestors had for providing for the future generations of our community.

Board of Directors

The Credit Union's Board of Directors is charged with overseeing the operations of the Credit Union and setting goals that they would like to see Management and Staff accomplish. The Board is comprised of seven volunteers that are elected by the members of the Credit Union at the annual meeting. The Board also has the responsibility of appointing the Supervisory Committee. Our Board consists of:

   Clifford F. Graham – President

   Joanne Barry – Vice President

   Kyza Callwood – Treasurer

   La'Starr Watley - Secretary

   Dwane Callwood - Director

   Clinton Hedrington Jr. – Director

   Milton E. Potter - Director


Credit Committee
The Credit Committee is responsible for acting on loan applications, as specified in the Federal By-Laws. They also may appoint loan officers to act on their behalf.

If you are interested on serving in the Credit Committee, please contact our office.

Supervisory Committee
The Supervisory Committee is the "watchdog" of the Credit Union. It is responsible for making sure that member' funds and interests are protected, and that the Credit Union's internal control procedures are adequate. The Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors from among the members of the Credit Union. It conducts an annual audit and has a continuing responsibility to ensure that the Credit Union's financial records and operations are in order.

If you are interested in serving on the Supervisory Committee, please contact our office.

Credit Union Staff

St. Thomas Federal Credit Union is currently comprised of 21 employees who are capable and ready to provide you with #1 Member Service. Stop by our office today and experience the professional service our employees have to offer.

This team is led by Chief Executive Officer Keisha L. Richards.